The Agency of the Administration of Seized and Confiscated Assets was established with Act No. 9284, dated 30.09.2004 “For the purposes of the organization and crime of the organization” and current functions from the Act No. 10192 dated 03.12.2009 “For the purpose of crime and trafficking in the organization and trafficking in mass trafficking in the country”.

Object of Work

The Agency for the Administration of Sequestrated and Confiscated Assets has as its main object of activity the administration of sequestrated and confiscated assets by court decision, the administration of blocked, sequestrated assets, and the administration of other assets, which are the product of criminal offenses. or related and the administration of confiscated material evidence and their sale.


AASCA is headed by the Chief Administrator and has 14 employees. AASCA employees are civil servants.

AASCA also includes assistance administrators, asset administrators, whose number is determined by the assets received in the administration, the difficulties of their management, the types and volume of work for the administration of assets, etc.

Recent Publications

Meetings with AASCA representatives of Serbia and North Macedonia

Meetings with AASCA representatives of Serbia and North Macedonia

In the framework of BAMIN (Balkan Asset Management Interagency Network) and with the initiative and support from OSCE, a work meeting was organized in Belgrade on regional cooperation and exchange of experience of agencies of the two countries and beyond in the...

Learn more about financing from the Special Fund

Proceeds allocated to the Special Fund can be used to fund projects of institutions dealing with the fight against organized crime and / or NGOs that treat victims of trafficking in organized crime.


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