Agency for Administration of Sequestered and Confiscated Assets (AAPSK), based on the provisions of Article 37 of Law no. 10192, dt. 3.12.2009 “On the prevention and crackdown on organized crime, trafficking and corruption through preventive measures against property”, as amended, pursuant to the Decision of the Inter-Institutional Committee for Measures Against Organized Crime no. 02, dt. 20.11.2020 “On the manner of use of assets Confiscated Monetary Value”, in accordance with Instruction no. 374, dt. 18.11.2020, “On determining the rules and procedures for financing projects from the special fund for crime prevention”, announces this Call for Expressions of Interest for all NGOs interested in projects.

Requests for project financing can be submitted by Non-Profit Organizations, provided in point 5 of Instruction no. 374, dt. 18.11.2020, which have as their object of activity the social, cultural and health rehabilitation of the needy, especially those affected or endangered by crime, including organizations and therapeutic centers, rehabilitation and treatment centers for narcotics users , NGOs involved in providing assistance to victims of organized crime and trafficking, which protect the rights of family members of incumbent State Police employees, as well as assistance and rehabilitation centers for victims of trafficking human beings who, in the last three years from the filing of the application, carry out such activities.

The total fund made available is in the amount of 18,680,000 ALL.

Along with the application for funding and the project proposal, non-profit organizations must also submit the following documents:

  1. Decision of the Judicial District Court on the registration of the applicant;
  2. Document proving that the applicant is not under criminal prosecution and has not been convicted by a final court decision;
  3. Document certifying that the applicant is not in the process of bankruptcy and / or in the process of liquidation;
  4. Copies of financial statements for the last three years, audited and deposited with the tax authorities;
  5. Document certifying that the applicant has paid regular social security for the employed staff;
  6. Document certifying that the applicant has no tax liabilities, issued by the tax authorities;
  7. License / Permit to exercise activity, only in cases when the activity / activities required to be financed cannot be performed, without possessing a license granted by the state authorities in accordance with the legislation in force.
  8. The documentation provided in letters “a” to “g” must be in original, or notarized copy, and must be issued within 6 months from the date of application.

NGOs are requested to bring project proposals to the offices of AAPSK, within 31 December 2020, at the address: Rruga “Perlat Rexhepi”, Nd. 8, Ap. 13, Tirana.

Project proposals should also be sent electronically, in word format, to the e-mail address: [email protected], and any questions related to the process can be sent to this address.

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